President Biden ‘Fiddles With His Mask’ While Campaigning With Gov. Gavin Newsom


President Joe Biden, seemingly having some free time on his hands, decided to take a trip to California to campaign with Governor of California Gavin Newsom. Kamala Harris had already taken the trip, and Biden followed later, but he was seen fiddling with the mask as he greeted Newsom.

The sight was funny to some but also incomplete negation to his mask mandate. It was seen that Biden, holding a mask in his hand, was struggling to put it on as Newsom approached him. He then abandoned the idea and greeted him without a mask on. Newsom himself was seen greeting Biden without a mask, after which a lot of people took to the internet to mock Biden for this scene.

The video of Biden fiddling with his mask was floated over Twitter with people saying things like Biden must have confused the correct usage of the mask as he had the mask in his hand while in close vicinity with Newsom when meeting him. People went on to say that Biden’s mandate for people to wear a mask when they are alone and take it off when meeting someone. Some even said that the people who wear masks in their cars are following the mandate correctly. Though the criticism may be exaggerated, watching the President of the Country greeting someone with a mask in his hand and not his face is bound to face backlash.

Perhaps if Biden had spent some time out of his busy routine of forging mandates to review the correct usage of the mask, he would’ve insured wearing a mask despite the abrupt circumstances in which he decided to abandon the mask.