President Biden Guarantees a Second Pandemic

President Joe Biden wandered far off-script Tuesday with a startling White House statement. Addressing the administration’s need for yet more money for COVID, the president said funding is necessary to prepare for a “second pandemic.”

The Democrat doubled down, lest there be any confusion, by adding “there’s going to be another pandemic. We have to think ahead.”

The disturbing statement came as Biden spoke of the current availability of COVID immunizations for children from four years old down to six months. A reporter noted that the administration wants funding from Congress for the campaign to vaccinate small children and for the fall.

Biden was then asked how much supply is available and how many kids need to be vaccinated before more money is necessary.

That’s when he forecast a repeat of 2020.

Speaking to reporters in the Roosevelt Room, Biden said the now-approved vaccines for six months to four-year-old children are a “very historic milestone, a monumental step forward.”

The president went on to emphasize that “we need to think ahead” and took a jab at former President Donald Trump for, in his judgment, not doing that very well. Biden then complimented himself for his administration’s foresight and asserted “that’s why we need the money.”

Of course, his own second-in-command had a rather different perspective just before last Christmas. Vice President Kamala Harris told the LA Times, “We didn’t see Delta coming. We didn’t see Omicron coming.”

Just like responsible pet owners, White House officials were quick to clean up her comments by saying what she really meant was the administration did not see those specific variations coming. Of course, they “knew mutations were possible.”

Pandemics are a regular historical occurrence, though generally not one right after another. But Boston Children’s Hospital’s Dr. John Brownstein says there are many factors for bacteria and viruses moving from animals to humans.

He includes “climate change, industrial development, ecosystem change, and social inequality.”

For a president who does not believe the country is diving towards a recession, Biden is quick to predict COVID 2.0. The nation has drifted a long way from President Reagan assuring Americans that it’s “morning in America” and better days are ahead.