President Joe Biden – “The Puppet”

Joe Biden combined his unrivaled ability to make obscene gaffes with situational understanding. With his “Let’s Go, Brandon. I agree!” comment, it appears that even that flicker of intellect has vanished. And talk about projecting competence during an impossible to fail happy-joy video op chatting with parents about Santa Claus.

Joe Biden would have informed a father that he was directing NORAD to deploy attack drones above his chimney, or at the very least that he knew the other Big Guy and was going to instruct him to put his kids on the bad list immediately. What if, however, this explanation is incorrect? What if Joe is still as sharp as he was when he was snooping around for AMTRAK conductors’ names so he could make up stories about them later? That’s almost terrifying.

Moreover, if he hadn’t heard it before, it’s possible he never bothered to inquire about what crowds of people were screaming or the meaning of the signs bearing the phrase. Most politicians don’t go out of their way to find out what their opponents have to say about them, but having no interest in what’s happening outside your bubble is enormous myopia.

Even though Xi Jinping is a brutal murdering thug bent on world dominance, he recognizes the importance of learning about the hurtful and insulting things people say about him. The possibility is that no one has informed him of it, which is also a terrible prospect. It might also imply that he is aware of its significance but has decided to keep it hidden from him. Each of these circumstances suggests a highly and purposely secluded president, which is a very undesirable condition.

Therefore Joe Biden may not need to know where he is, who he is speaking with, or what he is saying at any particular time, but it does not mean he is unaware of the implications. With a collaborationist press corps, all-powerful staff, and armies of coddling servants and benefactors, it might be claimed that he doesn’t even need to recall the words he speaks.