Progressives Are in Denial About Gas and Fuel Prices

Gas prices are many times higher than they should be in America today. Unfortunately for everyday people, there’s no clear sign of when gas prices will fall to the rates seen under the Trump administration.

Across the country, Republicans — and even some Democrats — have gotten on board with removing gas taxes. This is recognized as a critical tool to provide relief to Americans who are drowning in the high costs of inflation.

Yet, progressives don’t seem to understand — or care about — what’s happening. In California, progressive lawmakers recently put through an increase on gas taxes that will begin within weeks.

Now, American Thinker reports that a progressive in Vermont is also on board with raising taxes on fuel used to keep homes warm.

A Sadistic Attitude Towards Everyday People

Sen. Mark MacDonald (D-VT) is behind the push for so-called “clean heat” in his state. Unfortunately for Vermonters, this “clean heat” means higher taxes for fuel and higher costs to keep their homes warm.

MacDonald has been challenged by his colleagues on this new fuel tax that will hurt the middle class and working class within his state.

When questioned about his constituents who might not want to spend more on fuel, MacDonald claimed people of this mindset should “get a blanket.”

As it turns out, this uncaring and sadistic attitude hasn’t really gone over so well with the people of Vermont. In fact, MacDonald is even being urged to resign from office in light of this fuel tax and his horrible justification of it.

What’s remarkable is that MacDonald can’t even use the excuse of being new to elected office. The Vermont progressive has been a lawmaker for 40 years.

The Moral of the Story

Between COVID restrictions and the economic crisis, progressives have shown the American people exactly who they are. They repeatedly flaunt their lack of regard for freedom and their refusal to lower spending levels.

Vermont has been a left-wing stronghold for quite some time. Leaders like MacDonald are what the state has to show for consistently voting blue.