Progressives Decide on New Messaging Campaign: Brand All Republicans as Racists

With the next election cycle underway, and the midterms fast approaching in 2022, the Democrats have a big problem. They cannot run on their record. Inflation is at a 40-year high and a staggering 72% of Americans think the United States is on the wrong track. They also have a huge enthusiasm gap if the recent primary in North Carolina is any indication.

The alarm bells are ringing nationwide in Democrat offices that the next round of elections could result in generational losses. Instead of changing the actual policies to be more in alignment with the American people, they have predictably gone on the offensive with new messaging: all Republicans are racist.

Now, granted, calling Republicans racist is not new. It is a reflexive response by Democrats whenever they get pushback on anything. What is new is the moniker as a uniform strategy across the board. President Biden kicked off the strategy at the beginning of this year when he basically called Republicans who disagreed with his election reforms civil war-era segregationists.

Now the left is attacking any conservative who argues against unbridled immigration as a purveyor of racist replacement theory. Forget the fact that the replacement theory has been the publicly stated goal of nearly every Democrat when talking about immigration, the left is determined to frame every issue now as a choice between a racist right or a magnanimous left.

The strategy also determines which tragedies the administration pays attention to. The national media is all over the Buffalo mass shooting because the attacker and the victims fit the hate-filled white supremacy narrative. Conversely, there is relative silence on the mass shooting in Orange County and the Waukesha car attack because the race of those involved can’t be conflated with the President’s opponents.

There is one big problem with the racist Republican strategy: Americans are wise to it. The media destroyed its credibility during the Trump years and have heard the cries of racism so many times they are immune to it. The attack does not hold nearly the same weight it did five years ago. The strategy is a last-ditch attempt to stave off the inevitable Democrat losses. It will not work.