Psaki: Biden ‘Fights’ For Press Access, But He Hasn’t Done A Press Conference In 96 Days

Ready for a good laugh? When asked about why Joe Biden has been so coy with the press, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “We always work for more access. We always fight for more access.” Wow. “Fight for” more access? Those are some strong words. 

You would get the impression from Psaki’s answer that sometimes reporters have questions for the White House, and someone there tells them, “No, no question today.” Then Joe Biden flies into a rage like the Incredible Hulk, saying, “Don’t deny journalists access. You wouldn’t like me when you deny journalists access.”

Then he turns green, rips his shirt, and starts wailing on the jerk that told those pesky reporters to stop asking annoying questions. After leaving him bloodied and shocked, Biden stands over him and calls him Corn Pop, apparently having a flashback and forgetting what is even going on.

Yeah, when you keep the press from asking the president the hard questions, he gets as mad at you as he was at Corn Pop on that fateful day outside the swimming pool in 1962. Then he fires the jerk and tells the reporter to save all their questions for their one-on-one sit down in Joe Rogan’s podcast studio in Austin. 

That’s the picture Jen Psaki paints of the Biden administration’s relationship with the American press. But we all know what an absolute, total fairy tale, a load of crock, bovine excrement, a straight-up lie that is. Just stop it, Psaki. You’re a liar. Why do you hate the truth so much, and why do you love to tell lies so much? And how on earth does our society reward this kind of behavior from its civic leaders and public servants? 

As RNC Research points out, the absolute truth is that Joe Biden has not been interviewed in 62 days. And the president of the United States and apparent leader of the free world has not done a press conference in 95 days.

He and Jen Psaki also flipped out when Boris Johnson dared take questions from his press pool while sitting next to Biden, making the U.S. president look precisely like what he is: what they would call in the U.K. a “right nonce” (a foolish person).

And every time he gives prepared remarks to the public, read from the teleprompter screen (if you can call Biden’s tortured attempt to pronounce words he’s been saying since the 1940s “reading”), Joe Biden doesn’t walk, he power walks as fast as his geriatric legs will shuffle him off the stage and for the exit.

That way, he doesn’t have to answer any questions from the reporters, desperately shouting them out as he walks away each time, just hoping that maybe the public servant who works for them will even acknowledge that they are there and maybe answer a dam question.

It’s not just conspicuous. It’s not just obvious. It’s a conspicuous ‘pattern’ of blatant disregard for the principle of press access and public accountability for his extraordinary, unprecedented actions taken as president, actions many millions of Americans and world citizens view as a direct attack on our freedoms, our financial security, and even our very lives.