Psaki Deflects Inquiry on Biden’s College Recommendation Letter for Son of Chinese Businessman

White House press secretary Jen Psaki sidestepped questions about why President Joe Biden reportedly wrote a college recommendation letter for the son of a Chinese business associate of his son Hunter.

Psaki, when asked Tuesday if the president’s previous assertions that he never talked with his son about overseas business dealings still stands, replied “yes.” The president has long denied any discussions or involvement with Hunter’s business ventures, but emails from his laptop reportedly show something different.

The senior Biden appears to have given a letter of recommendation for the son of BHR investment firm CEO Jonathan Li. The email says the letter went directly to Brown University’s president. An email chain reveals the letter was sent less than a month after Joe Biden finished his eight years as vice president under Barack Obama.

A recommendation was also written for Li’s daughter to attend Georgetown. Both were reportedly rejected.

Hunter Biden once owned a 10% stake in the company, but as of November said he no longer “holds any interest.”

It was only last week, after having emails from the younger Biden’s laptop for nine months, that The Washington Post admitted that the emails are authentic. Security experts confirmed the validity of nearly 22,000 emails covering over a decade.

Some of the now-authenticated messages involve a deal Hunter Biden pursued with a Chinese energy company for which he was paid almost $5 million. Others referenced work for Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings that paid him up to $83,333 per month.

With all the hand-wringing and soul-searching going on by the national media, it is also fascinating to review how major social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter, scuttled the story. In the very best light, it exposes a national double standard that favors political figures who favor the left.

Hunter Biden’s laptop and, more importantly, his father’s hardly-believable denials of knowledge, are scandals that are just now getting started. The coverup by major media outlets and frenzied backtracking now taking place are shining examples as to why mainstream America has lost faith in the so-called “fourth estate.”