Psaki Will Not Endorse Democrat’s Newest Anti-Voting Methods


Fox News Whitehouse correspondent Peter Doocy had an insightful question for Whitehouse Communications Secretary “Circle Back” Jen Psaki. He asked, “Do you know of any examples from his 36 years in the Senate than Joe Biden just hopped on a train and left town to avoid a vote that he knew he was going to lose?”

This question put the lie to Biden’s support for Texas Democrat’s effort to subvert voting on the Texas election priority law. By emphasizing Biden’s lengthy stay in Congress, Doocy not only drove a wedge between Democrats but demonstrated once again blatant hypocrisy. It would be essential if Democrats ever claimed to uphold a consistent standard of behavior in any legislative body.

An American Federation of Teachers office hosted a meeting of Texas Representatives in exile this week. Vice President Kamala Harris attended.

Why would the AFT host Texas Democrats who are opposed to free, fair, and transparent elections?

To protest election integrity, Democrats who bolted from Texas did one thing that Biden never did. Despite other attempts to undermine legislation through parliamentary procedures, he never participated in this kind of stunt to remove a voting quorum in the US Senate.

Psaki, acting as the spokesperson for the Biden administration, has expressed her undying admiration and backing for Texas Democrats. By vacating Texas for Washington DC on a private jet earlier this month, they prohibited the special legislative session. It is a thought-provoking summer break trick for employees of Texas taxpayers.

Psaki replied, “I think that the President’s view is that these Texas legislators were making a statement through action in opposition to efforts in their state to impose restrictions on people’s fundamental rights and their rights to vote in their state. That is why they departed.” She continued, “The President certainly applauds their actions, and their outspoke opposition to efforts to put in restrictive measures in their state.”

Doocy followed up by pointing out the caustic way that Joe Biden used racially divisive language when he compared the law to the Civil War. Biden had previously stated that “The 21st century Jim Crow assault is real. It’s unrelenting. We’re going to challenge it vigorously. While this broad assault against voting rights is not unprecedented, it’s taking on a new and literally pernicious form. It’s no longer just about who gets to vote, making it easier for people to vote, or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote. Who gets to count whether or not your vote counted at all.”

Jen pounced, “I don’t think anything about this is funny. I think what is important to note, though, here is that there are 28 states, including Texas, where there are laws in place or in process to make it harder to vote. And it requires bold action. It requires bold voices to speak out against that and make sure people understand their rights. That’s exactly what’s happening here.”

Should House Republicans use the same technique to prevent a quorum in the US Congress?

Jen does not have a problem with it.