Public Libraries Reject Cameron’s Faith-Based Story Hour For Kids

Public libraries across the U.S. are either ignoring or flatly rejecting actor and writer Kirk Cameron’s attempts to hold a story hour to promote his just-released children’s book that promotes faith, family values, and biblical truth.

Of course, this comes in an age when numerous libraries proudly host story hours presented by drag queens targeting small children as wholesome family entertainment.

Several of the institutions that rejected Cameron’s proposal are the same ones hosting men in dresses and full makeup. Some present programs spotlighting gender fluidity, pride events, and other celebrations of modern “diversity.”

Others hold “name change” sessions to coach older teens and adults who want to alter their gender identity.

Fox News reports there has not been a single “yes” reply from over 50 libraries contacted by Cameron’s publisher. A quick review of their websites revealed their preference for alternative presentations.

It is shocking only by the fact that it is no longer shocking that values have sunk this low.

Braves Books, which published Cameron’s “As You Grow,” received a blunt response from the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island. Over the phone, a worker informed the publisher that the institution is a “very queer-friendly library” and that the “messaging does not align.”

When asked about filling out paperwork to pursue the story hour slot, Braves Books was told that they may complete the forms, “but we won’t run your program.”

That library has no such qualms over offering “Queer Umbrella” to young people, which its website touts as a spot “where teens can learn, discuss, and connect over queer history, art, community resources, and more.”

Another public library, the City Heights/Weingart Branch Library in San Diego, rejected holding a story hour for Cameron’s book.

Citing the area’s “diversity,” the publisher was told that “I don’t know how many people you would get.”

The library’s website touts its “LGBT events” and teen queer book club. These are perfectly permissible, but supporting a book by a famous author that promotes faith in God and Christian values is beyond the pale. Sadly, it makes perfect sense in 2022 America.