Putin Reveals His List Of Demands For Ceasefire To Turkish President

Russian President Vladimir Putin has recently unveiled the conditions that would be required for a ceasefire in Ukraine. During an intense phone call with the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, the Russian president put forward the list of his six main concerns, as reported by BBC News. The ceasefire conditions listed by Putin come nearly a month after his invasion into Ukraine.

The ceasefire conditions are divided into two categories, according to BBC News reports. The four demands from the first category were presented as less troublesome, according to reports. The most important condition among the four, is that Ukraine will commit to not joining NATO, and that it should remain neutral. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signaled willingness to agree to these terms. Moreover, Ukraine would also have to go through a disarmament process to guarantee that it’s not a danger to Russia.

Furthermore, assurances would be required for the protection of Russian the language in Ukraine, and the nation would need to go through a ‘de-Nazification’ process, according to Putin’s demand.

Putin’s list of conditions was provided to the news agency by President Erdogan’s leading representative and advisor, Ibrahim Kalin. The second category of conditions is being viewed as more challenging to satisfy, as claimed by BBC. The news outlet also said that Kalin was less explicit about these demands, but they revolve around the status of Ukrainian domains in eastern Donbas.

The assumption is that Putin will demand Ukraine to surrender the area that is supposedly part of the Russian-sympathetic region and officially accept it as Crimea.

According to BBC, Russia has no lawful right to Crimea, following the fall of the USSR, Russia agreed to an international treaty accepting that Crimea belongs to Ukraine. Vladimir Putin’s alleged conditions are in line with past reports on the matter.

According to a report by Fox News, Putin’s conditions come as a number of reports keep on surfacing regarding the Russian army’s morale. Pentagon representative John Kirby claims that the United States is noticing the Russian forces slowing down, however the low morale noticed among the army cannot be attributed to the whole Russian military.