Radical CUNY Law Commencement Speaker Calls Law ‘White Supremacy’

So much for higher education. The City University of New York School of Law celebrated its graduation last week in an event that should send a chill through anyone who actually values the rule of law.

That’s due to the radical address given by chosen speaker Fatima Mousa Mohammed. After beginning her speech with rather normal commencement sentiments, she quickly deviated into a woke diatribe that reflected poorly on her institution.

Mohammed told the gathering that she attended CUNY School of Law for its stated mission, “Law in the Service of Human Needs.”

This statement, she explained, originated from “one of the very few legal institutions to recognize that the law is a manifestation of White supremacy that continues to oppress and suppress people in this nation and around this world.”

The scholar still trashed her alma mater for its “support” of such insidious institutions as the New York Police Department, the U.S. armed forces, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the prison system.

Apparently, at least some in the leftist university were appalled. Mohammed’s speech was taken down from YouTube for a bit before being reinstated. Liberal critics ripped the school for their “censorship,” even after she blasted Israel over its Palestinian policies.

Part of her diatribe was against “systems of oppression.” Mohammed told the audience that these systems were “created to feed an empire with a ravenous appetite for destruction and violence. Institutions created to intimidate, bully and censor and stifle the voices of those who resist.”

In other words, typical leftist drivel from the privileged who benefit from the very system they seek to destroy.

CUNY is notoriously anti-Israel, and Mohammed praised the institution for its support of Palestinians. That was where her praise ended.

She whined that her graduating class battled for jailed clients with “nearly zero institutional support.” She added that students worked to get others asylum and to reunite families ripped apart by the NYC Administration for Children’s Services.

These accomplishments she lauded herself for were achieved, in her estimation, despite racism, selective activism, and the “self-serving interests” of her alma mater.

Still not done with her outrage, Mohammed urged her classmates to use their rage as “fuel for the fight against capitalism, racism, imperialism, and Zionism around the world.”