Radical Leftist L.A. Prosecutor Gascon Avoids Recall Election

The grassroots campaign in America’s most populous county to recall radical Soros-backed Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has failed. The effort hit a dead end because of a lack of permissible signatures, according to an announcement by the county registrar on Monday.

According to the county official, the Recall DA George Gascon organizers presented only 520,050 valid signatures on its official petition. That was 46,807 short of the number required to trigger a full recall election.

However, the recall campaign turned in what appeared to be more than enough signatures. The registrar threw out 195,783 signatures that were claimed to be mismatched with registration rolls, from unregistered voters, repeat signatures, and from voters with different addresses than appearing on voter registration rolls.

Workers with the recall campaign warned last week that it appeared the county registrar was using outdated methods to verify signatures, resulting in a huge number of rejected signatures.

Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new law in March that officially changes the procedures for verifying mail-in ballots in elections. The new law also enshrines emergency measures implemented in 2020 to permit sending unsolicited mail-in ballots to every registered voter.

The state’s new verification standard for mail-in ballots requires local officials to presume every signature appearing on a ballot form to be valid and legitimate. As an emergency procedure, the practice led to an 80% reduction in rejected signatures in 2020. Recall campaign organizers have argued that the same standard should apply to signatures on the petition to recall Gascon.

The recall petition group has been gathering signatures on the petition for around a year and a half. Gascon was sued by a group of prosecuting attorneys working in his office only weeks after he took office. They objected to the radical changes he made to criminal procedures in the county, including cash bail. They claimed that following Gascon’s pro-criminal, anti-victim approach would violate their oaths of office.

In response to the announcement that the petition was dead in the water, Gascon said on Monday that the recall had been a “political power grab” and that he remains “strongly committed” to his approach to handling crime in L.A.

Recall organizers said after the announcement on Monday that they will go forward with an official review process allowed by law over the next three weeks. They said that they plan to explore every avenue available to challenge the procedures used to silence the voice of almost 200,000 county voters.