Ransomware Attack Now Targeting Congress While Biden Is Still Not Putting the Blame on Russia

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We’ve seen a lot of ransomware cyberattacks in the past month.

It’s not coincidental that this in the lead up before the meeting between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin in Geneva, which is next week. That’s not just my opinion that there’s a relation. As we reported, that’s the opinion of experts looking at the situation who believe this is Russia testing Biden.

We’ve seen oil, the meat supply, even transportation to Martha’s Vineyard hit. Gas and meat prices were driven up by the attacks.

But, so far, the Biden team has refused to tag Russia with the actions. Biden himself said he didn’t believe that Putin was testing him.

But now there are reports of another attack that we should have heard about before and it surely sounds like an effort to make a statement to the Congress.

At least 60 members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have been unable to access constituent data for weeks because of a ransomware attack on the company, iConstituent, a tech company that provides outreach services for the members.

The purpose seems to be to be annoying; I’m not sure if such a company would even particularly have deep pockets, at least on the level of some of the other recent targets of cyberattack.

It’s not clear who’s behind the Congressional attack yet.

From Daily Mail:

Secretary of State Tony Blinken warned that Vladimir Putin will have to answer for the ransomware attacks when the Russian president meets with President Joe Biden next week.

‘We would prefer to have a more stable, predictable relationship with Russia. We’ve made that clear. But we’ve made equally clear that if Russia chooses to act aggressively or recklessly toward us or toward our allies and partners, we’ll respond,’ Blinken told Axios’ Mike Allen in an interview that aired on HBO.

‘When it comes to these ransomware attacks, of course, we’ve already talked to the Russians about this. One of the things we’re seeing is that criminal enterprises seem to be engaged in these attacks. And it is an obligation on the part of any country, including Russia, if it has a criminal enterprise acting from its territory against anyone else, to do what’s necessary to stop it, to bring it to justice,’ the secretary of state said.

I don’t know whether Blinken is just ignorant or playing word games here. You couldn’t have all these attacks from Russian territory from “Russian criminals” without tacit approval. And if they’re behind it, of course, they wouldn’t want to “bring it to justice.” It’s the same nonsense game that the Biden team is playing with China when it comes to the cover-up about the start of the pandemic. One would hope that at least behind the scenes, they’re pressing Russia. But so far, their response in public has been weak at best.

Last week, as we reported, Russia pretty much threatened the U.S. and got no real response from the Biden team.

“The Americans must assume that a number of signals from Moscow … will be uncomfortable for them, including in the coming days,” Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s deputy foreign minister, told RIA news agency, reported Reuters Monday.