Rep. Chip Roy Argues There Should Not Be One Additional Penny Given For Biden’s Federal Tyranny

In an op-ed for TheBlaze, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) argued that the Republicans in Congress should be fighting to refuse to give even a single additional penny to President Joe Biden’s federal tyranny.

“America is not right,” he began. “America is not right because she is being pulled apart — pulled apart by Democrat politicians intentionally breaking down America’s long-standing norms, her institutions, and her economic and military superiority.”

Roy then asked if his analysis of the current state of the country is “Too harsh?”

Responding to his own question, the Republican congressman pointed to the myriad of problems the U.S. is currently facing:

“Dangerous cartels are pouring fentanyl and trafficked human beings into our communities and undermining national sovereignty through a purposefully uncontrolled, wide-open southern border. Bureaucrats at the IRS, FBI, and ‘public health’ agencies are running amok, targeting taxpayers and political opponents and firing Americans quite literally for making their own healthcare decisions. Our self-inflicted energy crisis is sending prices through the roof, weakening our grid, and sabotaging national security. Health ‘care’ has been handed over to insurance companies and is too expensive and increasingly unattainable for millions because of a politically motivated focus on ‘coverage.’

Our schools are literally teaching children to apologize for their country under the tenets of critical race theory and to reject the ‘radical’ idea that there is a difference between man and woman. And even our military is facing a recruitment crisis in the wake of the incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan because it is increasingly prioritizing wokeness over lethality.”

Roy then went on to note that the Republican Party also shares the blame for its part in causing these problems.

“Republicans too often join Democrats to write blank check after blank check to fund every last bit of this radicalism, fueling rampant inflation in the process,” he wrote.

“Worse, they offer only ‘big talk’ political campaign rhetoric and tepid, aging ideas more suited to advancing corporate and defense industry largesse,” Roy added. “And big corporations are happy to oblige – profiting off crony capitalism and knowingly advancing an environmental, social, and governance movement that is actively destroying small businesses, free enterprise, and liberty.”

Roy states that the consequence of these actions is that “all of this is steamrolling a working class who are left to wonder what happened to their country.”

Further, the Texas congressman said that the GOP needs to “prove to the American people that we will no longer be complicit in this deconstruction of America” because it is just “not good enough to say, ‘Trust us and put us back in charge.’”

“We have to mean it,” he added. “We must stand up. And we must demonstrate that we will fight for the people who sent us to Washington after telling them we would. We can do just that, one final time before the upcoming election, by pledging to our constituents that we will not provide one more penny to fund the tyranny carried out by the Biden administration.”

Roy went on to make it clear that the Republicans have the “tools to take action” in front of them, they just need to be willing to use them.

He cited the Constitution and quoted one of the Founding Fathers, writing: “Article I of the Constitution grants Congress absolute authority over federal spending. James Madison, the father of the Constitution, wrote, ‘This power over the purse may, in fact, be regarded as the most complete and effectual weapon with which any constitution can arm the immediate representatives of the people.’”

Roy then put forth a plan to “empower the American people to decide – through the November elections – how taxpayer dollars should be spent by the new Congress that begins in 2023.”

He pointed out that federal funding for fiscal year 2022 will expire on September 30, and then Congress will have to decide what action to take. Lawmakers will either pass short-term funding via a “continuing resolution” or a full appropriations package for 2023. Roy noted that “neither of these bills can pass without Republicans’ votes.”

The Texas congressman then predicted that Democrats will say something like: “We can’t pass appropriations by September 30, so we’ll do a short-term continuing resolution until mid-December, throw a little money at Ukraine, etc., and then we can handle this after the election.”

Roy said that this is where Republicans must step in and “just say no,” rejecting “this business-as-usual approach” and refusing to “cower in the corner fearing that we may be ‘blamed’ for a government shutdown.” Instead, Republicans in the Senate and House need to reject any continuing resolution that would expire before the first day of the next Congress or any appropriations package that Democrats put forth.

The Texas congressman then noted that any Republican who opposes his plan should prepare to explain “why he supports funding a bureaucracy that is fundamentally at odds with their freedom, security, and prosperity.”

“Republicans should explain why they are willing to give nearly $60 billion to petty tyrants like DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who lied to Congress when he claimed DHS had ‘operational control’ of the border,” he continued.

“Perhaps Republicans should explain why they are in favor of providing $13 billion in annual funding to an IRS that just received an $80 billion windfall to hire 87,000 new agents,” Roy added. “Voters also may wonder why Congress continues to give $11 billion to the FBI each year without demanding that it not target parents for voicing concerns about their kids’ schools at the behest of a radical organization that equated them to domestic terrorists.”

He also pointed to student loan forgiveness, the government giving “$80 billion to a Department of Education that pumps money into schools that are failing our children and filling their minds with radical racial and gender ideologies,” giving “over $6 billion to fund the NIAID run by Tony Fauci,” giving the CDC nearly $9 billion, and giving “$10 billion to the EPA.”

Additionally, Roy mentioned the “billions in subsidies to weather-dependent renewable energy sources that make grids – in states like Texas, of all places – less reliable, or the millions in tax credits we provide to rich liberals so they can buy $70,000 electric vehicles and then preach to you about it?”

The Texas congressman wrapped up his op-ed by noting that “these are just a few ways that federal bureaucrats use bipartisan congressional funding to undermine the well-being of Americans every day.”

“Step one is for Republicans to refuse Democrats the ability to pass another massive appropriations package this Congress,” he summarized. “Step two is for Republicans – if Americans grant us the majority in the House next year – to aggressively expose the federal bureaucracy and demand common sense reforms and policies for the benefit, not the detriment, of the American people.

“Not one additional penny for this radical Congress and administration,” Roy concluded.

Roy is running for reelection to Texas’s 21st District in the upcoming November midterms.