Rep. Rosendale Discusses Concerns About ATF Harassing Legal Gun Owners

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) appears to be revealing the terrifying direction it plans to take under its newly appointed director, says Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT), while discussing a recent news story in which ATF agents showed up at the home of a legal gun owner in Delaware demanding the serial numbers from his weapons.

It appears that, under the new leadership of Steve Dettelbach, the ATF is heading down a disturbing anti-Second Amendment path.

“The gentleman bought some firearms, and apparently, it clicked off an alert within the ATF because he might have bought more than one firearm within a stipulated period of time that they track. Several ATF agents in body armor showed up at his house and asked him to produce his weapons and the serial numbers that they had,” Rosendale said during an interview on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Thursday.

In a video of the interaction between ATF agents and the Delaware gun owner, which was shared to Twitter by Frankie Stockes of The National File, the agents claimed that they were attempting to determine that no straw purchases had been made when the homeowner had recently purchased more than one weapon in a single transaction.

Straw purchases refer to an instance when a person buys a gun for another person.

The incident took place on July 12, the same day that Dettelbach was confirmed to his position by the Senate.

“This kind of activity without a warrant, without any crime being allegedly committed is very disturbing to me and the residents of Montana,” Rosendale said. “I will tell you if someone dressed in full body armor shows up at your front door without any type of warrant and you have not committed any crime, the people of Montana are not going to comply with this type of activity.”

The Montana Republican went on to note that he sees the timing of the incident as “evidence that this is the kind of activity that we can expect out of this director.”

“These are the kinds of things that a lot of people were sounding alarms about when you put these radicals in charge of these departments under the Biden administration,” Rosendale continued. “I can only imagine that if people showed up at your front door in body armor and weapons and started demanding things, it would raise the concern of everyone.”

“Any reasonable person would be intimidated by that, and for citizens of the United States to be intimidated by their own government, it is a big problem,” he added. “You shouldn’t be afraid that agents are going to bang down your door if you own guns legally, especially in this country.”

In the same interview, Rosendale also commented on the slight dip in gas prices across the country, saying that he doesn’t know why the Biden administration is celebrating.

“The gas prices are exceedingly higher than they were when the Biden administration took office,” the GOP congressman said.

“For President Biden to start celebrating because the gas prices came down by 40 or 50 cents a gallon when they’re still about $2 a gallon more than they had been when he took office, again, this is why I also just signed a letter to have the president take a cognitive test to see exactly what he does and does not understand,” Rosendale added.