Republicans Have Authoritatively Made Florida A Red State

For years and years, the state of Florida’s been regarded as a purple state. This years-long pattern has also seen elections in the Sunshine State swing in either direction, making them nail-biters for folks on both sides of the aisle.

However, the various ways different governments chose to respond to COVID had significantly impacted Florida. Due to the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, thousands of individuals have begun moving to the Sunshine State daily. 

Furthermore, data has shown Republicans (for quite some time now) have been gradually closing the voter registration advantage Democrats had in the Sunshine State. Earlier this week, Governor DeSantis announced that Florida Republicans have finally crossed the threshold and now outnumber Florida Democrats in numbers of registered voters, per TheBlaze.

On Friday, the Republican governor shared remarks before the National Conference of State Legislatures. While addressing this audience, DeSantis revealed Republican voters in Florida outnumber their Democrat counterparts. 

During the start of his term of governor, Democrat voters in Florida outnumbered Republicans to the tune of 280,000. He also reminded that the current milestone of Florida having more registered Republicans than registered Democrats is historic. It has never occurred before in the Sunshine State. 

Later, DeSantis made it a point to note Americans are choosing to relocate to states (like Florida) that emphasize the rights of individuals. Data backs this up as well, seeing as droves of individuals are fleeing leftist states like California and New York for conservative states such as Florida and Texas.

The Florida governor himself has gained popularity over how he’s led Florida, especially since COVID became an issue. Many conservatives are of the view that DeSantis should consider a presidential run himself later down the line.

Much to the ire of the Democrat Party, conservatives have been on an unstoppable winning streak as of late. 

On Tuesday, Republicans took back control of the Virginia governorship, lieutenant governorship, and state Attorney General’s office. This massive red wave happened after Biden took Virginia during the 2020 election. It also followed after more than one decade of Democrats controlling the commonwealth. 

The news that Florida is now officially a red state serves as yet another sign of momentum for conservatives in America. 

More and more, the people are waking up and realizing Republicans have better states, policies, and strategies to better America as a whole.