Republicans Must Stop Pretending That Democrats Care About This Country

How do you know a Democrat is lying? Their lips are moving.

Democrat lies in the media, universities, and the government has created an expectation that everyone must agree with liberalism, or they are bigoted, racist, chauvinist, homophobic, Islamophobic jerks. It has led Millennials to assume that conservatives are white supremacists, and thus the liberal media and academic institutions are fanning the flames of racial unrest and civil conflict.

Neal Rothschild of Axios was giddy in his article titled “Young Dems More Likely To Despise The Other Party.” A survey of 850 private and public students by Generation Lab and Axios found that 37% of Democrats would end a friendship based on politics, but 5% of Republicans said they would do the same. So much for free speech and tolerance, you Democrat bigots.

Also, in a system reminiscent of interracial marriage bans, 71% of Democrats would not date Republicans, but only 31% of Republicans would not date Democrats. It has some logic, as only a foolish, idealistic moderate Republican would hope to save a liberal from themselves.

Democrats had also mainlined protests and become radical activists when 41% said they would boycott a business based on politics compared to only 7% of Republicans. We need to use the power of the purse and put economic pressure on liberal businesses like Starbucks and Disney. Democrats also expect their employers to share their political views. 30% wouldn’t work for somebody who voted Republican.

The anti-President Joe Biden mumbled his way through his inauguration. He consistently lectures on working together, but that means giving Democrats what they want. It allows turncoat Republicans to join him on their quest for personal wealth and status while claiming to be one of the good guys.

Biden thinks that demanding that people submit to his COVID-19 mandates will unify this highly divisive country. Either he is too stupid to understand that his dictatorial actions will rend this nation in two, or that is his goal.

President Donald Trump drove Democrats mad. Trump’s derangement syndrome exemplified by the egregious actions of a degenerate liberal press vented about how Trump was a totalitarian. In reality, Trump specifically addressed divisions and problems, spurring employment across racial and gender lines allowing people to take advantage of unprecedented economic opportunities. Biden thought that altering individual citizens’ immune systems against their will is more important to the supposedly vaccinated and protected liberals and kowtowed moderates.

Denouncing Trump and demanding revolutionary change sounded like a winning election strategy, but it is not a governing policy.

The Biden-Harris maladministration is focused on a losing battle over COVID-19 vaccines. Either the courts will assert their proper role and uphold the constitution or complete the desolation and abdicate their oversight of justice and the rule of law. Federal courts have briefly suspended all of Biden’s vaccine commands. In either case, we will know where we stand: with the nation or against the federal government’s push for tyranny.

Biden is a sock puppet for Big Pharma which told Americans that they could choose their health care treatment. Biden now seems to think Americans are out of bounds with their notion of freedom. Like a true tyrant, his patience is wearing thin. And he is now demanding that we comply with his will or suffer the consequences. Anyone who disrupts The Plan is a threat. Merry Christmas!