RFK Jr Considering Libertarian Run In 2024 Race

Former Democrat and current independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said he is seriously considering running for president this year as the Libertarian Party nominee. Attaching himself to the national party would allow him to immediately secure a spot on the general election ballot in all 50 states.

During a Saturday appearance on CNN’s “Smerconish,” hosted by Michael Smerconish, Kennedy discussed his electoral strategy and alignment with Libertarian values. “That is something that we’re looking at,” Kennedy remarked, acknowledging his strong rapport with the Libertarian Party. He also mentioned plans to speak at the California Libertarian Party convention, indicating a deepening relationship between his campaign and the party.

Kennedy’s current independent run includes forming his own party, “We the People,” in several states, easing the path to ballot access. Major political parties have long acted as gatekeepers regarding widespread ballot access in national elections. As the first independent candidate to receive widespread attention in several years, Kennedy’s strategic approach could serve as a mechanism to break the monopoly that has been held by the major parties.

Kennedy’s contemplation of a Libertarian candidacy could be a game-changer, especially given the party’s consistent presence on the ballot in all 50 states in recent presidential elections. This move could appeal to a segment of the electorate disillusioned with the two-party system, especially those seeking an alternative to the Democratic and Republican nominees.

Some Democrats expressed concerns that his strong polling in swing states could benefit President Donald Trump in the general election by bleeding support away from the unpopular incumbent Joe Biden.

Moreover, Kennedy’s campaign has gained tangible momentum. Having secured the necessary signatures for ballot access in states like New Hampshire and Utah, his team is actively working to establish a presence in every state. This effort is complemented by forming “We the People” and the “Texas Independent Party,” further solidifying his independent run.

The rise of third-party and independent candidates like Kennedy reflects a growing sentiment among voters seeking alternatives to the traditional political duopoly. Polls show a significant portion of the electorate, including independent and moderate women voters, are open to considering third-party candidates. This trend could disrupt the conventional political calculus.

While Kennedy’s potential alignment with the Libertarian Party is still under discussion, his campaign’s actions and statements suggest a serious consideration of this path. His emphasis on shared values with the Libertarian Party and ongoing talks indicate a possible alignment in the near future.