Rob Gronkowski Takes Stand Against Men In Women’s Sports

NFL legend and four-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski made his position clear when asked about the validity of biological males competing in women’s sports.

A reporter from the Daily Caller asked if men “should be allowed to play in women’s sports.” Gronkowski clearly shook his head no as he walked through the U.S. Capitol.

He said he did not provide a further explanation at that time because there is no need for one. The future Hall of Famer later told Fox News Digital in an interview that it is “obvious” that men should not be permitted to compete with women in their sports.

The former New England Patriots standout explained, “There’s really no thoughts to really even share. It’s that obvious. There are men’s sports for men, there’s women’s sports for women. It should just stay like that. It’s just as simple as that, man. There’s really no argument.”

Gronkowski called it “unfair” that a man wants to compete in women’s sports and said it does not make sense.

He was responding, of course, to the nonsensical trend in recent years for men who identify as women to demand their “right” to take spots in women’s athletics. This has led to advantaged males winning championships over real women.

These men claim it as their right to compete despite obvious and unquestionable natural advantages.

Gronkowski’s opinion is hardly an outlier among the American public.

A telling Gallup survey showed 69% of Americans believe athletes should only be allowed to play in sports that align with their biological gender. This definitive conclusion was reached despite wording of the questions that featured “transgender athletes” and “current gender identity.”

After all, where are the transgender “men” flocking to compete in men’s athletics? The obvious answer is there are few if any, and that’s due to the physical differences.

It is the death of reason to insist that biological males should compete in women’s sports. A great example came from former ESPN host Keith Olbermann.

The left-wing radical was widely criticized for stating that a female athlete lost to a male competitor because she “sucked.”

Olbermann lashed out at women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines, who champions keeping female athletics for females only. For good measure, he also called her “stupid,” “nasty,” “unsuccessful” and a “homophobe.”

Gronkowski was obviously correct — females and only females belong in women’s athletics.