Rock Star ‘Canceled’ for Tweeting Opposition to Antifa Radicals

Winston Marshall, the former lead guitarist and banjoist for the popular band Mumford and Sons, says he was condemned and lost many friends for taking a stand against Antifa last year. After 14 years with the highly successful group, Marshall stepped away.

The firestorm began in March 2021 when Marshall tweeted his congratulations to conservative writer Andy Ngo. A picture of the journalist’s book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” was included in the posting.

Marshall, then 33, added, “Finally had the time to read your important book. You’re a brave man.” That was all it took to ignite the radical leftist outrage machine.

For this, Marshall and Mumford and Sons became targets of fierce criticism from the far left. This even included fans and members of other bands who Marshall considered to be personal friends. He says “internet mobs” went after both him and everyone around him.

The thousands of hateful posts accused him of being “right-wing,” when Marshall asserts he is politically somewhere between “centrist” and “liberal.” This, however, mattered not a bit to the swirling mob.

He quickly apologized.

But his apology was only the beginning. Marshall says he made it due to feeling that he might not understand the topic completely. However, as he dove into research on Ngo’s book and leftist radicalism in general, he says the apology felt like he had “participated in a lie.”

The apology itself was eating at him, and at the same time he knew he caused difficulties for his bandmates. So last June, Marshall walked away from Mumford and Sons to be able to “speak freely” and get away from self-censorship.

Marshall is Catholic, and says not only has he been sober for three years, it was in that time when he returned to his faith. He spent a lot of time in a church near London and said it was there that he ultimately decided to leave the band.

Marshall noted a comment by American rapper Kanye West about his own personal faith. Calling West the primary “American theologian of all time,” Marshall said, “Fear God and you will fear nothing else” — even woke internet mobs.