Ron DeSantis Has Laid Out the Facts on Student Loan Debt

Debates about student loan debt continue to persist in the United States.

Most leftists have arrived at the conclusion that it’s the duty of the federal government to waive loans that borrowers agreed to take out.

Most conservatives note the unfairness of passing along loan debt to taxpayers, especially considering that some borrowers already paid back their debt.

Conservatives also remain critical of the economic consequences that would come from handing the student loan debt bill to American taxpayers. These consequences would be higher inflation, a higher national debt, and a likely recession.

However, of all the takes about student loan debt in America, the best take of all comes from Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), per Red State.

DeSantis on Student Loan Debt

First and foremost, the Florida governor pointed out that waiving student loans debts would make inflation soar.

DeSantis then mentioned that the majority of student loan debt is tied to folks who went to graduate school. On average, these folks are making more than blue-collar workers, who would suffer greatly if their taxes went up due to the federal government “forgiving” student loans.

In another segment of the Florida governor’s statement, he said the best solution to student loan debt debates is holding universities responsible. Universities are the ones who charge these very high rates that few Americans can actually afford.

Likewise, DeSantis mentioned that the more money people borrow and the longer they take to get their degrees, the higher the reward for universities.

The Florida governor then explained that universities are the culprits of not just student loan debt problems, but also of additional issues making people now question higher education.

Treating the Symptom vs. Treating the Disease

At the end of the day, DeSantis’ analysis is spot on. Even if the federal government were to “forgive” every borrowers’ student loan debt in their entirety, this would not change the problem with the overall unaffordability of going to college.

Eventually, the next generation of younger Americans would end up with sky-high student loans that they can’t afford to pay off. However, if universities were held accountable for the increasingly high rates they’re charging, it would really bring about meaningful change.

This is the difference between treating the symptom of a disease versus treating the actual disease itself. If Democrats are as serious about the futures and well-being of young people as they claim to be, they’ll take the Florida governor’s advice to heart.