Ron DeSantis Is Showing The Nation How To Bargain With COVID-19

Scientists cannot seem to follow the science when it comes to distinguishing between experimental vaccines and a control group of unvaccinated people who treat the symptoms of COVID-19 and build natural immunity. 

Why does Florida, which has a large population, have fewer Coronavirus cases than the vax-ordered and locked-down California? 

Expert scientists have state governors buckling to their demands and individuals following their every recommendation. But these mandates do more harm than good. The people who ridicule states like Florida suffer under the draconian dictates of medical dictators like Anthony Fauci. 

These doctors claimed that they are getting control over COVID-19 due to mass vaccination efforts. 

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom bragged that his policies on forced vaccination lead the country. The state of California is on the CDC’s list of local area infection transmission spikes. Last year Ron DeSantis was bashed by the media for Florida’s rising case rate. California’s case rate is now double that of Florida’s.

Kids were losing classes. Students are forced into online-only courses. They are creating mental pressure and increasing self-destruction rates among kids. These are just some of the consequences of Democrat pandemic policies. 

Remember Sweden, which focused on the elderly and people with comorbidities instead of rolling out mass vaccination campaigns, has consistently been one of the best countries regarding the transmission rates and death rates related to COVID-19. 

Remember Israel, with an enormous 2.5-million-person study. Real scientists found that natural immunity is more powerful and enduring than vaccination. 

A long shot does not guarantee disease rates and immunity from COVID-19 with vaccines. And their effectiveness is fading over time. Everyday resistance or natural immunity will build more antibodies than any concoction that is put in shots. If the most vulnerable people are vaccinated, and the healthy people recover, we should promote this herd immunity threshold. 

China created lockdowns to battle the infection it manufactured. Its data and whistleblowers have vanished from the media. We are now seeing what happens for the second year in a row as the cold weather months come and the seasonal effects of viral infections are more pronounced because transmission is more likely inside rather than outside. 

We have been given terrible guidance and paid a colossal price. These extreme measures have not addressed COVID-19 directly. Instead, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) and mutations may have exacerbated it. ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen but cannot prevent infection.

Herd immunity is necessary. California saw fewer COVID-19 infections in 2021 than states with lower immunization rates as the Delta variation quickly spread in unvaccinated. Yet, the contaminated individuals now have immunity, which means fewer individuals are spreading the infection. A single dose of vaccine probably offers extra security from the Delta Variation for people who recuperated from COVID-19. But with the VAERS database detailing only a tiny portion of the side effects, should we wait and see if these drugs are even needed?