Ron DeSantis ‘Will Not Invite Democrats’ To Florida Because They Will ‘Ruin The State’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis went after legislators who have visited Florida recently. Politicians who uphold draconian COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine fiats are condemning how DeSantis dealt with the pandemic while visiting the state. Florida is the vacation hot spot of the east coast and invites tourists worldwide. DeSantis was not astounded to see Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) visiting Miami Beach, but he called her out for her hypocrisy.

Democrats are not hypocrites because they never claim to be moral people of integrity. Instead, they specifically attack bourgeois values while promoting immorality. You cannot be a hypocrite if you have no standards. Democrats believe that rules do not apply to elite and special people like them, and the media and Democrat voters allow them to get away with it. Democrats are never held responsible because they cover for immoral behavior with unethical laws and selective accountability.

If each lockdown promoting petty dictators in state legislators, Congresspeople, mayors, governors, Representatives, and Senators who visited Florida had to endorse DeSantis policies, there would be no debate on COVID-19 left.

In Florida, people support DeSantis. They want him to stand firm. When these socialist strategies about control fail in the northern states, Florida is the primary spot they escape to. Many northern liberals enjoy the sunshine state because it is open and accessible. To appreciate life, they restrict their populations, forcing them to become recluses and hermits.

Republicans are the leaders in the pushback against Feuer-Fauci and the anti-President Joe Biden. And DeSantis is the de facto leader of the resistance.

Ocasio-Cortez was seen eating at a Miami Beach club on Thursday. National Review found out where she was from a reader tip, encouraging the citizen journalist movement. When the supposed media is manipulating and lying to the American people, the free press consists of individuals who see fit to report the real news wherever we find it.

AOC shot Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) when he went to Cancun, Mexico. Isn’t she supposed to love the Mexican people and support tourism south of the border? Ironically, New York City announced a record number of COVID-19 cases, as AOC took in some fun and sun in South Beach. What a joke she is. Tax The Rich, right?

As the omicron variant flu season is ramping up, AOC did not want to discuss her excursion and vacation. Instead, she attacked DeSantis for being mysteriously absent for like fourteen days. No, he has been like leading Miss Know-nothing.

She said she would be glad to make proper acquaintance with Governor DeSantis. Then accused him of posting old photographs. And with a wink and elbow nudge, threaten to do some “community organizing” in Florida. Does this mean riot, pillage, and commit arson? If it does not, then the joke is not very funny. If it does, then it is even less funny.

She also complimented the New New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul on her management of COVID-19. Her efforts, by all accounts, have not been much better than her predecessor except that she has not forced massive deaths on elder facilities.

DeSantis is caring for his wife Casey, who has malignant growth. He is a man who knows how to run a state and take care of his number one priority, his family.