Russia Is Passing A Law Which Will Enable Them To Take Control Of Foreign Aircrafts Left In The Country

In an attempt to avoid Western sanctions, Russia approves legislation allowing airlines to re-register planes leased from outside. The measure, which Russian President Vladimir Putin approved, is meant to encourage domestic aviation in Russia. It also intends to secure the “uninterrupted operation of civil aviation activities.”

Russian airlines have around 780 leased planes, with 515 of them leased from outside sources. Western sanctions implemented in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine allowed aviation leasing companies to reclaim planes from the nation until March 28.

The majority of foreign-leased planes in Russia are registered in Bermuda and Ireland. The aviation authorities in several nations had stated that they were suspending airworthiness certifications for the planes.

Airlines lease jets from foreign owners in order to swiftly expand capacity without having to obtain funds to buy planes themselves. Due to sanctions imposed by the EU, Western jet lessors are being obliged to break contracts with Russian airlines.

Therefore, all airworthiness certifications for Russian-operated planes have been suspended in Bermuda and Ireland. Bermuda’s civil aviation authority stated that it was “unable to confidently accept that these aircrafts are airworthy.”

Earlier this month, Russia’s aviation authority advised Russian airlines with foreign-owned planes to suspend international flights. Russian airlines may even dismantle the planes for spare components in order to freshen up the rest of their fleet.