Russia Stopped Four Ukraine Drone Attacks on Moscow

Russia’s Ministry of Defense said Tuesday it thwarted four Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow. Wreckage from one of the drones reportedly broke an apartment’s windows and struck vehicles on the ground.

There were no reports of injuries in the latest drone attack, which continued what has become an almost daily routine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy vowed to bring the war to the heart of Russia, though the missions have not led to extensive damage.

The defense ministry said two other drones were jammed by Russian forces and crashed in the western Bryansk region adjacent to the Ukraine border.

Several flights were grounded at area airports and some Moscow residents said they were rattled by the regular drone strikes.

On Monday, at least two people were injured by another attack when Russian defense forces destroyed a drone over a house. The vehicle crashed into the dwelling, according to the regional governor.

Almost 90 flights were disrupted at four airports in the capital city after officials said they were successful in destroying one drone and jamming another.

Yet another attack was reported by the governor of Kaluga, which is south of Moscow. That Ukrainian weapon was shot down onto a military airfield, where it left a crater and a small fire that was quickly extinguished.

Ukrainian military leaders are generally hesitant to comment on drone strikes, but Monday’s was different. The nation’s Main Intelligence Directorate claimed responsibility for the attack on the Shaykovka military airfield.

A spokesperson declared that several Russian aircraft were damaged.

The Ukraine war passes its 18-month anniversary this week with no end in sight. Both sides continue to batter each other as western nations prop up the Kyiv cause. Ukraine’s predicted counteroffensive has been slowed by strong Russian positions and heavily mined areas.

Drones are increasingly part of the unmanned war machine both sides are hurling at each other. Zelenskyy promised to take the war deep inside Russia, and these are instruments that promise to bring uneasiness to Moscow and other cities.

With a population of 22 million and several large airports, the presence of drone aircraft over Moscow presents the very real danger of a disaster. Of course, that description could be used to describe the conflict in its entirety.