Russia to Participate in Western Hemisphere Wargames

With the Western world trying to make Russia a pariah with sanctions, Putin is having his armed forces join other countries for war games in Venezuela.

Despite fighting a war in Ukraine, Russian soldiers will be participating in President Nicolas Maduro’s Sniper Frontier competition in August. This is the first time ever that the country has ever partaken in official war games in the western hemisphere, and Biden’s leadership has made it a reality.

They will be joined by other adversaries of the United States as China and Iran also plan to be present. The joint wargames will showcase how these countries could strike the United States with pre-stationed assets.

The Biden administration has been trying to regain influence in South America by making overtures to soften sanctions on Maduro. Earlier this year U.S. officials made the trip to Venezuela to explore the possibility of resuming oil imports to replace disruptions caused by not accepting Russian energy.

The failure of those talks to achieve an agreement resulted in the U.S. unable to have much of an influence on the country. With the sanctions still in place, Maduro has little incentive to alter his plans to appease President Biden.

The same is true for Putin. With Ukraine’s allies kicking Russia out of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system, as well as imposing stiff economic penalties, the Russian president has little to lose by antagonizing the West.

It is not clear what kind of direct military threat is posed by the wargame participants. The games are a propaganda win, however. It is highly unlikely that the event would have occurred under any previous president.

The Biden administration is growing weaker by the day. The president has some of the worst approval levels in history, dipping into the 20s in some polls.

Conversely, Putin is enjoying rising stature among his countrymen. His economy is weathering the economic storm and the ruble is doing well.