Russia Unleashes Missile Blitz On Ukraine As Retaliation

In response to Ukraine destroying a key bridge connecting Russia to Crimea, Russia unleashed a barrage of missiles striking Kyiv and many other major cities in Ukraine.

According to the Daily Wire, “Some 83 missiles rained down on Ukrainian cities, including several that struck the capital, where at least eight people were killed and some missiles struck just blocks from President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office building.”

The attack on Kyiv was the first since June in the capital city, and according to civilians were targeted throughout the attack.

Fox News states, “Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Sunday that an attack damaging the large bridge linking Russia to its annexed territory of Crimea was “a terrorist act” from Ukrainian special services,” as Putin continues to make false claims to support his unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky said, “They are trying to wipe us off the face of the earth,” as Russia targeted civilians in an attempt to “sow panic and chaos.”

Putin continues to face domestic pressure in Russia as his war on Ukraine continues to go embarrassingly badly for him and his country. Russia enjoys a military advantage in terms of technology and size over Ukraine but recent reports showed that Russia was not only not gaining ground in Ukraine but beginning to lose some cities they had previously overtaken.

Ukraine’s missile attack on the important bridge linking Crimea and mainland Russia seemed to be the last straw.

To make matters worse for Ukraine, Putin ally Dmitry Medvedev warned that today’s episode is just the “first episode” in what he believes to be an extended attack by the Russians. Alexander Baskin, a former member of the Russian Parliament, added that Russia’s response would be “asymmetric” and that the bridge attack was a declaration of a “war without rules.”

Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko said that Russian troops would be combined with his own troops and deployed to border regions, which added to fear that Belarus may get involved directly in the war against Ukraine.