Russian Assassins Sent After Zelenskyy ‘Eliminated’

A Chechen hit squad sent to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had the tables turned back on them. It was a tip from inside the KGB’s successor in Russia that did them in.

The Kadyrovites are an elite team under Ramzan Kadyrov, a Russian who serves as Head of the Chechen Republic and is a staunch ally of Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Oleksiy Danilov announced defense forces confronted two death squads sent after Zelenskyy and “eliminated” them.

The Chechen military units are known for exceptional skill and brutality, a reputation honed by two wars fought against Russia in the 1990s. Since then, the Kremlin has deployed them against insurgencies and even terrorist outfits in Syria.

And even more shocking, the intelligence that led Ukrainian defense forces to the commandos came from Russia, particularly the Federal Security Service, the primary successor to the Soviets’ feared KGB. Danilov told a Ukrainian TV channel that the informants from inside the Kremlin “do not want to participate in this bloody war.”

Providing details of the action against the assassination squad, Danilov said it had been split into two groups that were closely tracked by defense forces. Each commando was reportedly given a unique deck of cards with images and Ukrainian officials’ descriptions.

Meanwhile, Kadyrov did not attempt to keep the mission a secret, confirming last week that the units were in Ukraine while urging its citizens to overthrow Zelenskyy’s government. Referring to Putin’s prominent puppet strings, the former rebel turned ally declared, “we will carry out his orders under any circumstances.”

In referring to his now-deceased hit squad, Kadyrov said they “chose to become heroes.”

As Western heads of state pleaded with Zelenskyy to flee his country and the US even offered to get him out directly, he heroically refused. The former actor and current statesman have become the de facto face of Ukrainian resistance and the head of state.

Under his leadership, the government has distributed thousands of automatic rifles to citizens ready to defend the country and disseminated instructions on its official social media accounts for making Molotov cocktails and using them against Russian tanks.

And since Putin fancies himself a historian, he should know that Molotov cocktails received their name from the Finnish people, who used them prolifically against Soviet tanks even as Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov claimed troops were delivering “humanitarian aid” to Finland.

Switch “humanitarian aid” to “denazification,” and very little has changed since the winter of ‘39.