Schools In Los Angeles California And Detroit Michigan Are Actively Promoting CRT

How do you know a Democrat is lying? Their lips are moving.

Democrat Representative Dean Phillips (MN) claimed that CNN does not teach Critical Race Theory (CRT). He said that “Critical Race Theory is not taught in elementary or high schools.” Oh really? He is just one of many Democrats in the media and government who deny that CRT is a part of public school curricula. They claim it is just a legal theory taught at Harvard. You are too dumb to understand how social justice warriors pervert our color-blind society into race consciousness that foments retribution.

LA schools hired a consultant to craft a critical race theory targeted explicitly as one study area. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) wanted a presentation to show that Critical Race Theory is not in schools. Even though the Curriculum and Instruction Committee of the Board of Education of Los Angeles invited Daniel Solorzano, the Director of UCLA’s Center for Critical Race Studies in Education, to help shape Ethnic Studies courses for students.

Chairwoman Jackie Goldberg and the rest of the committee will hear from Solorzano about his teaching plan based on his Social Science and Comparative Education program at UCLA. His job is creating and distributing research, investigating questions related to the systems, philosophy, strategies, instruments, and practice of Critical Race Studies. That’s CRT in a nutshell.

This program focuses on how race, bigotry, and diversity are impacted by segregation like prejudice, inequity, homophobia, and ableism to achieve the CCRSE mission. Research specifically addresses “critical race history methodology.” The Center focuses on “cultural intuition, racial battle fatigue, racial microaggressions.” That sounds an awful lot like CRT.

Solorzano writes about “critical race theory in education” in his academic peer-reviewed journal articles. His latest publication was “Analyzing Transformational Resistance Through a Critical Race and Latcrit Theory Framework: Chicana and Chicano Students in an Urban Context.” You can bet that’s CRT.

The article gives “five themes that form the basic perspectives, research methods, and pedagogy of a CRT framework in education.” Uh, yup, that is blatant support for CRT in your public schools. Like a good woke professor, he connects race and intersectionality.

He would be almost a parody of the worst kind of educator if he were not intentionally sowing seeds of racial hatred, animosity, and warfare. He thinks that CRT can upend the unique power and advantage certain groups, probably white and patriotic.

Los Angeles has lied about advancing CRT. This board of education asserted that CRT was not in schools while precisely promoting it. They even invited a UCLA professor, Tyrone C. Howard, to promote Ibram X. Kendi’s views on “anti-racism” and trains teachers to “challenge whiteness.” These are not innocent methods of building bridges. These are specific efforts to tear communities apart by emphasizing revenge and generational hatred cycles.

At a school board meeting, the Detroit Public Schools Community District superintendent, Dr. Nikolai Vitti, celebrated their curriculum “is deeply using critical race theory” at a school board meeting.

These are just two examples of school administrators shoving CRT down children’s throats. And maybe parents in these districts are okay with CRT, but this nation will not survive if racial segregation and domination are preached in our classrooms.