Scores Of Afghan Refugees Identified As “Potential Security Concerns” Released Into US

In an announcement that surprised absolutely no one, a Pentagon audit on Thursday revealed that at least 50 refugees from Afghanistan have been identified as potentially dangerous. The good news is that we discovered this information while they were in custody, right? Of course not. The government decided to run these people’s names after they were released into the interior of the country months ago. Well, at least it is only 50, so that is the good news. Think again. “Tens of thousands more names remain to be checked.” What could go wrong?

In the usual wishful thinking of the Biden Administration, the President assured us that all refugees would be vetted before entering the United States. That was back in August of last year, yet the authorities have just now gotten around to running names through databases. No one argues that refugees should not have been allowed to flee Afghanistan, but why not start with people we had already vetted before the retreat, evacuation, or military disaster?

We still knew thousands of Afghan allies and already had background information left behind in Afghanistan. We should have started with the allies who helped us at their peril instead of taking unknown refugees and simply releasing them into the US. The threat level would undoubtedly be lower than the current situation. There are military bases worldwide where unknown refugees could have been housed while vetted, but instead, the Administration decided to handle it like the southern border of the United States.

It is estimated that two-million unauthorized persons, aka illegal aliens, crossed the southern border in 2021. There should not be any hand wringing over why there is barely any vetting over anyone entering the country. It is the policy of the Biden Administration. It is not a mystery. Spending any energy on anything other than figuring out a way to restore order to the current immigration and refugee policies is a waste of time. The sooner people realize that, the sooner sanity will be restored to the United States’ immigration policies.