Secretary Of Energy Jennifer Granholm Is Incompetent And Clueless About Energy Usage

Democrats do not care about knowledge and skill in appointed positions. These jobs are part of a cronyism network where prizes are divided up to contractors and donors.

The on-the-spot factual questions can often generate the best moments of clarity in a debate or press conference.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm demonstrated that she has no idea how to manage the United States Energy policy. She said she did not know how many barrels of oil Americans consume each day in a recent press appearance. It is a question that a competent cabinet member would have on the tip of her tongue.

It is like asking the head coach of your football team after a loss what the score was. It’s not hard to recall the score, but it may hurt to point it out.

Biden has tapped The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a US Government program of four sites with deep underground storage caverns to mitigate the energy crisis and provide targeted temporary relief to American fuel use.

The Biden maladministration is currently taking steps to close down another gas pipeline as we approach the colder winter months. In Michigan, the Department of Energy said that certain tracks of an essential oil pipeline would be suspended. Americans might be without heat during this time of year when natural gas and oil usage skyrockets. It may impact lower and middle-class families and even result in the death of individuals who cannot afford to heat their homes.

Last week it was announced that there would be blackouts in St. Louis. It is because another pipeline from Illinois to Missouri was closed. Rather than helping homeowners and American citizens, the anti-President Biden is going along with a disastrous plan to tank our economy. Putting Granholm in charge is part of the plan.

This lady did not get this job because of her communication skill or grasp of energy issues. Biden reported the arrival of 50 million barrels of oil, but it has been reported that Americans use 18 million barrels per day. Using the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to battle high energy costs before the holiday season sounds like a good idea, but it is a temporary fix. At this rate, it will buy us less than three full days of fuel.

Gasoline prices spiked soon after the announcement.

A more comprehensive and substantial plan would be backing off foolish restrictions on American energy production. If Biden were in charge, he should be reversing course on bans designed to undo one of President Donald Trump’s signature accomplishments: greater energy independence.

Instead, Biden is just a sock puppet for lobbyists and special interests. And Granholm has become a mouthpiece for the Green New Deal era electric car manufacturing push. She thinks that higher gas prices are reasonable because they will force people to transition to electric cars that coal plants currently power. And Granholm wants to bankrupt small-scale coal power plants. Do you see how this works? Everything the Democrats do makes the problem worse, and then they get to claim that they need more authority to shut down more incredible sections of our economy.

We have a severe problem when the Energy Secretary is incompetent, cannot provide essential facts in a press conference, and does not understand basic economics.