Seems Like The ‘COVID Pandemic’ Is Driven More By Politics Rather Than Science

Despite repeated appeals to “follow the science,” many in leadership positions have chosen to utilize politics to defend their actions rather than the facts. People are now seeing the beginning of the COVID-19 virus’s worldwide decrease after dealing with it for more than two years.

Since COVID-19, a sickness caused by SARS-CoV-2, was found in Wuhan, China, in December 2019, politicians have used “science” for political benefit. Many Democrats have slammed President Trump for placing a travel restriction on Chinese citizens from the start. They’ll never know the full extent of this measure’s influence, but his foresight and common sense saved thousands of lives.

The “guidance” was often contradictory and varied from day to day. For example, there was no necessity to wear a mask, but the more masks people wore, the better! There is no demand for social distancing, as demonstrated by Speaker Pelosi’s parade through Chinatown, or for draconian lockdowns and closures of public institutions, including schools. It’s crucial to remember that people like Dr. Fauci are epidemiologists by trade and are exclusively interested in stopping disease transmission. They aren’t risking managers who are assessing the economic and psychological effects of a statewide lockdown.

“It soon became evident that their leadership cherished the concept of having this control over their everyday lives once their national lockdown was in full place and our schools shuttered, all in the name of “research,” says Dr. Aaron Carroll. “Many of them were frequently found without masks or in violation of the social distance rule that they placed on average Americans,” he claims.

Moreover, those in authority made mandatory immunizations and boosters the norm of the day, with little attention on treating COVID after it had been contracted. For failing to be vaccinated, critical first responders such as physicians, nurses, and military members were fired without cause. These were the same folks who risked their lives every day to defend and preserve prior generations during the pandemic.

According to a new study, lockdowns have had minimal influence on COVID-19 mortality but have had disastrous consequences for economies and a variety of societal maladies. COVID-19 mortality was decreased by 0.2 percent by lockdowns in Europe and the United States, and shelter-in-place orders were likewise ineffectual. Many of the punitive regulations put in place by those in power have already been repealed as of the midterm elections approach. It is most likely due to a greedy desire for those who wish to remain in power.