Sen. Barrasso: Biden’s Build Back Better Bill Is “Alice In Wonderland” Logic

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) compared Democrats’ latest trillion dollars appropriation to Alice’s “Wonderland,” where nothing is what it seems, and said of President Joe Biden, “He’s the Mad Hatter.”

The Daily Caller reports his Fox News Sunday remarks:

“For Joe Biden to say ‘We have to spend even more money on top of inflation,’ to me this is ‘Alice in Wonderland logic. He’s the Mad Hatter out here.’”

The Wyoming senator warned Congress’ runaway spending spree is going to break the back of the American economy: “Right now, I view this as a back-breaking bill for the country with the kind of expenses, the spending, the adding to the debt, the inflation, the taxes that are going to hit the American people.”

Barrasso is right. Congress’ profligate spending is America’s back-breaking burden, and Washington is a more nonsensical place than Wonderland.

Like Wonderland, nothing is logical in the D.C. swamp, and while that makes it amusing to watch on our screens just like Alice in Wonderland is, most people do not want to live in such a peculiar and dangerous world as Wonderland. The absurdities we are all living downstream from the political absurdities we laugh at on our screens.

The problem with living in Wonderland is that because it’s impossible to be sure what to expect, it is impossible even for a rational individual to make rational choices and take helpful action.

In a U.S. economy where the rules change so drastically and so often, the money supply, the interest rates, the regulations, and other key variables are pushed up and down so drastically by acts of Congress, businesses and the overall economy are constantly thrown off balance.

In the “Red Queen’s Race,” a segment from Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass,” Alice tells the Queen: “Well, in our country, you’d generally get to somewhere else if you run very fast for a long time, as we’ve been doing.” That’s how it should be in the American free market.

But what Democrats are doing now, and what Republicans did while they had power last, creates for American businesses the kind of conditions that the Red Queen described in her answer to Alice: “Now, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that.”

Gargantuan appropriations, packed with pork, quixotic government works projects, and strangling regulations, create ambiguity in macro markets like finance, perverse incentives, and inflationary rising prices for consumers and businesses.