Sen. Grassley Enjoins FBI To Seek Justice For Russia Collusion Misconduct

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) urged Special Counsel John Durham to hold the Justice Department and FBI accountable for withholding information from the FISA court in a speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday. According to Senator Grassley, as reported by Jordan Boyd in the Federalist.

Reprinted with permission from the publisher, Independent Voter News (published Mar 6, 2018), here are some worthwhile considerations about the “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory news cycle that lasted for four years of U.S. politics with Donald Trump as president:

At this point, the mainstream and social media’s insatiable appetite for “palace intrigue” stories about Washington bureaucrats and politicians squabbling with each other is absolute misery for all of us.

Could you stop doing this to us? No one wants this. Some people are just addicted to it. And I can’t understand why, because it’s just awful. It’s boring, and it’s stupid. It’s always clickbait. It just sucks.

The mainstream media should bear some of the blame for this. Simply because people click on your headlines does not imply that it is beneficial to them. Or even for our society.

I recall Milton Friedman or some heartless conservative economist saying that corporations have only one responsibility: to return profits to their shareholders.

But that is a heartless point of view, so why are these ostensibly liberal institutions of journalism squeezing a penny out of each of us every day by polluting the Internet with this garbage?

Ever since Donald Trump’s election, there has been a flood of clickbait headlines leading us to believe that the biggest scandal since Watergate is about to be revealed as if we were watching some riveting game of chess that could end in the spectacle of Donald Trump being impeached.

The media has been teasing this possibility for far too long, and it has cried wolf far too often. It feels like months ago. Fans who believe Game of Thrones drags on in places have no idea unless they are also fans of partisan political media, which has to be some of the most disturbed people on the planet.

People can’t read these articles for long periods. You’ve heard of the rumors that someone close to Donald Trump is going to get in hot water for a crime?

It’s been over a year since the liberal mainstream media excited it up, and nothing has happened.

Right-wingers respond in kind with their own sensationalized clickbait, with the tantalizing possibility that Hillary Clinton or even Barack Obama could be imprisoned after some earth-shattering documents are released!

Do people click on these and read to the bottom? I stopped connecting them months ago when I discovered that I couldn’t get past the first paragraph without my cry wolf B.S. detectors going off and my eyes glazing over.

These stories are tedious and never as sensual as they appear. It’s just clickbait tabloids masquerading as journalism institutions that use free speech to protect our society from tyranny, which I find appalling.

Another reason to disband political parties.