Shocking New Hunter Biden Texts Reveal Father’s Corruption

Even as the left celebrates yet another round of indictments against former President Donald Trump, another round of text messages from Hunter Biden were revealed. And they are incriminating.

The president’s son asserted that he allegedly paid his father’s bills for the “past 11 years.” This apparently came from income hauled in by selling the “Biden brand” to foreign interests for tens of millions of dollars.

There will come a time shortly when even Democrats must acknowledge the overwhelming evidence that their esteemed leader is corrupt to the core.

Recent congressional testimony and subpoenaed bank records indicate the Biden family raked in more than $20 million from Hunter’s international partners. And there was nothing of apparent value rendered in return.

So, why was the money paid?

A 2018 text thread with the younger Biden’s assistant, Katie Dodge, complained that he was again locked out of his Wells Fargo account. Hunter blamed “too many cooks in the kitchen” and “too many profile changes” and said it had happened just ten days prior.

Shortly after in the exchange, Hunter Biden noted, “My dad has been using most lines on this account which I’ve through the gracious offerings of Eric [Schwerin] paid for the past 11 years.” Schwerin was Hunter’s long time business partner.

Several other messages implicate wrongdoing in the Biden family, but a 2019 text caught the attention of investigators. Addressing his daughter Naomi, Hunter Biden talked about supporting the rest of the clan.

He recalled decades of “pay(ing) for everything” before adding, “But don’t worry, unlike Pop I won’t make you give me half your salary.” The clear implications were that money flowed from international sources into the Biden family through Hunter’s “business deals.”

The Committee on Oversight and Accountability traced the movement of funds through several memos that it released.

These showed money entering accounts linked to Hunter Biden from sources in China, Kazakhstan, Romania, Russia and Ukraine while Joe Biden was vice president. And all while the elder Biden claimed to have no knowledge of Hunter’s international affairs.

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) sees the clear writing on the wall. “This is what corruption looks like,” she declared. While the father was in the Biden White House, “his son Hunter was selling access to his father at the highest bidder.”