Some Republicans Blame Trump For Midterm Performance

Many in the GOP were expecting a “red tsunami” when the midterm results were announced, but that tsunami never materialized leaving RINOs and leftists teaming up to fire shots at former President Donald Trump.

With so many issues, some outlined by Trump himself in recent messages regarding election irregularities occurring across the country, it is telling that establishment Republicans are attempting to blame Donald Trump, the person that brought any hope of winning a presidential election back to the party. And in doing so, these RINOs are joining the left in trying to oust Trump from politics.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes said, “I think that goes both ways. Democrats have this sort of insecurity, right, I think Republicans still ascribe to that man this totemic power that he does not have. He doesn’t have some magic power, I’m telling you, Republicans. He doesn’t have a magic power, he is unpopular. He is unpopular. He screwed you today. He screwed you!”

A former Trump aid, Alyssa Farah Griffin, said during a CNN interview, “Are they going to continue to nominate poor-quality candidates to appease Donald Trump? If you want the Republican Party to thrive, we’ve got to just finally speak out and say, ‘This man is a loser, he lost 2020, he’s losing a seat that is winnable this time.”

Leading into the midterms, Trump himself predicted huge gains for the GOP and endorsed hundreds of candidates as well. While some of his candidates won their elections, it is easy to point to a few important races that included “Trump-backed” candidates that lost.

Donald Trump was one of Herschel Walker’s (R-GA) and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s (R-PA) biggest supporter. He pushed for them, campaigned for them, and they both lost their races.