Soros Funding Leads Push for Pelosi Communion

Two leftist progressive religious organizations funded by George Soros have intervened on behalf of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to demand that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone change his mind about denying her Holy Communion.

Faith in Public Life and Faithful America are using their Soros funds to promote a petition they are circulating that is designed to politicize the doctrinal decisions of the Archbishop.

Cordileone recently announced that Pelosi would not be permitted to receive Communion in the San Francisco Archdiocese because of her unrelenting support of abortion on demand while also proclaiming her Catholic faith.

A letter supporting the petition says that Cordileone should not “weaponize” a holy sacrament for “political ends or to fight the culture wars.” The two groups tell the Archbishop that his “reckless action” is in defiance of Pope Francis’ guidance and only serves to further divide churches.

Faith in Public Life operates as a political lobbying organization that advocates for unlimited abortion. The group’s CEO, Rev. Jennifer Butler, denounced the recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that indicates Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned. She described the draft opinion as “immoral” and said it is an “outrageous violation of the dignity of all people.”

The letter also goes on to criticize Cordileone for calling out “wokeness” and “identity politics” in his profession of faith. It claims that the Catholic Church should be directly involved in bringing attention to “the epidemic of police brutality and systemic racism.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded to the petition by first pointing out that the two groups promoting it are funded by George Soros, who he describes as an “atheist billionaire who has long been at war with the Catholic Church.” He said one of the groups is a front for “left-wing zealots” who seek to create confusion and the other is operated by a “rogue Episcopalian priest” who works to seed disorder in the Catholic Church.

The two groups attacking Cordileone acted together last year to demand that Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City be removed as chairman of a bishops’ pro-life committee. They objected to Naumann’s call for Joe Biden to either change his position on abortion or cease claiming to be a devout Catholic.

Both groups have consistently supported the Democratic politicians and actively promoted LGBTQ issues in addition to being agressively pro-abortion.