Spacey Found Not Liable For Alleged Misconduct

The twisted saga of disgraced actor Kevin Spacey took an unexpected turn Thursday when he was found not liable for an alleged sexual misconduct incident from 1986. The accusation came from another actor, Anthony Rapp, who said he was abused when he was 14.

Spacey was 26.

Rapp brought a civil suit that was allowed under a law permitting minors to revive a claim that would otherwise be outdated by the statute of limitations.

Since being caught up in the #MeToo movement, Spacey has spent the last half-decade running to and from courthouses pushing back against accusations of misconduct.

The two-time Oscar winner was canned from “House of Cards,” and his name became synonymous with other alleged predators such as Harvey Weinstein. Many accusations were leveled at the star for misconduct on the show’s set, and some included aggression towards much younger men.

It was revealing that the star of a wildly popular production was given his walking papers. The damage to the program was so severe that in August Spacey was ordered to pay $31 million to the show’s producers for his egregious conduct causing “House of Cards” to end.

In the just-concluded civil trial, Rapp testified that he was present at a party held at Spacey’s apartment. Not knowing anyone, he said he went alone to a bedroom to watch TV, and that’s when Spacey entered and allegedly assaulted him.

The jury, however, apparently was swayed by evidence that in 1986 Spacey lived in a studio apartment without a separate bedroom.

Also likely influencing the jury’s decision was the civil trial judge not allowing evidence in the criminal case pending against the veteran actor in the U.K. The jury then took only 90 minutes to render their judgment that Rapp did not prove his case against Spacey.

The actor is far from being out of the woods, however. He faces a court case in the U.K. where he is charged with sexually assaulting three men in England. Unlike a civil trial, a guilty verdict there could result in actual prison time. The case is expected to go to trial next June.