Stacey Abrams Finally Gets Elected…On Star Trek.

Democratic candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams took her campaign to the set of Star Trek: Discovery, where she makes a cameo as President of the United Earth.

Her appearance comes in the Season 4 finale which launched this week. And in her brief on-screen role she tells the Federation president that “United Earth is ready right now to rejoin the Federation.”

Abrams is a self-professed “Trekkie” and hosted a virtual fundraiser with several Star Trek cast members in 2020 for Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Both won, and now represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate. She confessed to late night binge-watching several of the show’s manifestations during the governor’s race in 2018, including Voyager and Discovery.

Discovery Executive Producer Michelle Paradise told Variety that Abrams came up as a possibility while discussing the role, and “who better to represent (United Earth) as president than her?” Abrams agreed on a Zoom call on the condition that no spoilers be revealed to her about the finale, only what she needed to know for her scene.

Some Star Trek fans are calling it the best all-time cameo in the franchise, which has been ongoing since the 1960s. Florida Republican, Lavern Spicer, who is running for the U.S. House, noted the obvious irony of the losing candidate in the Georgia governor’s race playing the president of Earth.

Atlanta radio host Erick Erickson responded that, while Abrams is a big fan and should not be faulted for her appearance, it is different for Hollywood producers who “fell all over themselves to make it happen.”

Abrams, who narrowly lost the 2018 vote for Georgia governor to Republican Brian Kemp, makes no secret of her ambition to be president of the United States someday. Of course, there’s the little matter of winning in the Peach State first, and her second attempt comes in November.

Abrams remained quiet for 10 days after the 2018 Georgia election while her supporters tried to get more provisional and absentee votes counted. She finally called a press conference where she acknowledged the GOP candidate, former Secretary of State Brian Kemp, “will be certified.”

Abrams has big plans for her political future, though she hasn’t accomplished much yet. At least now she can claim “President of the United Earth” on her resume.