Stacey Abrams is Not Facing a Smooth Election

Back in 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams ran to be governor of Georgia. Despite Abrams’ best efforts, she was handily defeated by Republican Brian Kemp. Kemp, today, remains governor of Georgia and is currently running for a second term in office.

Despite losing to Kemp, Abrams never truly accepted this loss. For a period of time, she seemed to truly believe that she was the governor of Georgia. Then, Abrams tried to legitimize conspiracy theories by claiming that “voter suppression” is what cost her the election.

Today, Abrams is in the race to become the next governor of Georgia. However, according to The Blaze, the Democrat’s path to the governor’s mansion is far from a sure thing.

A Setback to Abrams’ Gubernatorial Ambitions?

With a tough race coming up, Abrams is doing all she can to prepare herself. One strategy includes getting limitless campaign donations. Although, on Thursday, a judge put a pause on this.

This pause boils down to the fact that Abrams is not officially the Georgia Democrat Party’s nominee for the governorship. One the state holds its primary elections on May 24, Abrams will then be the governor and can proceed with her limitless campaign donations.

Thus far, Abrams is still in the running for the party’s nomination; although, considering that no one else on the Democratic side is running against her for the position, she will easily win the primary election next month.

While there’s no doubt that Abrams will win the Democratic primary election in Georgia, the general election for the governor’s mansion is an entirely different ballgame.

Poor Odds of Abrams Winning the Georgia Governor’s Race

Once Abrams becomes the nominee for the Georgia Democrat Party, she will either have a rematch with Governor Kemp or face former Sen. David Perdue.

Perdue is currently running against Kemp in the Georgia GOP primary election. In the primary race, Perdue trails Kemp by a few points with Georgia Republicans.

However, in hypothetical poll match-ups that show data for Kemp vs. Abrams and Perdue vs. Abrams, Abrams loses in both scenarios.

Interestingly enough, the Georgia Democrat is shown losing to Perdue by a mildly smaller margin than she’s shown losing to Kemp. Either way, a loss is a loss.

This means that Abrams has a very strong chance of another failed run for Georgia governor under her belt after this November. In light of this, she shouldn’t get too excited, regardless of what other Democrats are telling her.