States Increasingly Cracking Down On Chinese Government

China is one of America’s biggest economic and national security rivals. They were caught launching a spy balloon over our nation and it’s time that the government step up and give China a dose of its own medicine.

The action should be coming from Washington, but until there is another Republican president, this is likely a moot point. Instead, several states are doing their best to restrict Chinese influence and land purchases.

The Texas legislature considered a bill banning Chinese ownership of land in Texas. And Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is preparing to ask his legislature to do the same.

Since the Biden White House appears unlikely to take any firm stand against our adversaries, it’s then up to the states. Fortunately, some Republican governors have stepped up to the plate and have been cracking down on Chinese government property.

There are a lot of implications for Chinese ownership of any part of the United States. Just as the balloon situation proved, the communist Chinese are constantly looking for ways to find out more info about our military and sensitive sites.

Why should we offer them any help in spying on us? These common-sense reforms are solid, but they’re only a start.

There’s a clear need for more action at the federal level. Former President Trump had the right idea by engaging in China’s trade war. Remember: President Trump didn’t start the trade war, he just acknowledged that it was real.

The former president utilized tariffs as a key way to restrain unfair Chinese business practices. By doing so, China was forced to come to the table and negotiate. Now, under the weakness of President Biden, China is sending spy balloons over sovereign American soil.