Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrats Who Voted for Higher Gas Prices

As Americans struggle to keep afloat with preventable inflation, Democrat politicians are voting to make gas prices even higher in the United States.

Under the Trump administration, the Keystone Pipeline was being developed, which would have provided Americans with lower energy costs.

Once Joe Biden took office, he quickly shut that down and threw the country into a tailspin with the help of several other Democrats. Instead, Biden has decided to increase business deals with Saudi Arabia and import from other countries.

Democrats were given the chance to help the American people, but voted unanimously to keep a gas tax Republicans tried to get rid of.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced an amendment to stop tax on oil companies. All 40 Democrat senators voted against this amendment in no attempt to save face.

“This bill imposes a new gas tax of 16.4 cents per barrel on all imported petroleum products and crude oil refined in America, including domestically produced crude oil, indexed to inflation. This creates new gas taxes for the American consumer in the name of climate change. Pennies become dimes, dimes become dollars. Bad idea,” Graham said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the concept that the Democratic Party is moderate no longer holds water.

The Republicans called out Democrats and named Mark Kelly, Raphael Warnock, Maggie Hassan, Michael Bennet and Catherine Cortez Masto in a Twitter post.

“If Democrats say they want lower gas prices, they’re lying,” Cruz continued.

As Democrats continue to pass horrendous bills, Cruz blasted their latest attempt to harm U.S. energy.

“This bill represents the most significant assault on U.S. energy production the Senate has ever considered,” Cruz said. “It is designed to bankrupt every coal miner in America, to dramatically increase gas prices consumers are paying, and to permanently harm US oil and gas production,” Cruz said.

Democrats’ new tax will contribute to their massive spending spree that includes a $12 billion tax on crude oil.

This will result in Americans paying even higher prices for both gas and energy necessities.

With the senate Democrats all in unison, their votes to harm the American people’s pocketbooks might not go great for them in the upcoming midterm elections.