Terror Watch List Apprehensions At Border Hit Record High

In another sign of our dangerous times, it was revealed that terror watch list stops at U.S. borders skyrocketed in fiscal year 2023. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported a staggering 736 terror suspects attempted entry into the U.S.

President Joe Biden’s open border policy is a gift that keeps on reaping benefits — just not for Americans.

According to CBP data, 564 of these encounters came at border points of entry and another 172 attempted to slip through between these sites.

Just a glance at the recent trend quickly showed how much the nation is under siege at its porous borders. In fiscal year 2020, the last of the Trump administration before Biden took office, there were 199 terror suspects intercepted at the borders.

That number slipped to 173 in FY 2021 before leaping to 478 in FY 2022. The latest figure for FY 2023 means the number of terror suspect encounters more than quadrupled since Trump left office.

More alarming numbers showed that an incredible 3.2 million illegal aliens attempted to enter the U.S. in the last fiscal year. Only 1.1 million arrived through ports of entry, meaning 2.06 entered illegally elsewhere.

That total, of course, does not consider the colossal number of “gotaways” that must be factored in.

A Washington lawmaker over the weekend sounded the alarm on these disturbing numbers. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Saturday Report” to express her worry over the growing number of terror suspects crossing U.S. borders.

The legislator reported, “I’m very concerned about our open border, and I’ve been saying this from the beginning, even before this horrific war in Israel, that we have to secure our borders.”

Malliotakis explained that the Gaza war only added to the Iranian threat to the U.S. and the increasing likelihood of an attack on domestic soil.

She noted, “We don’t know who’s among the 1.7 million individuals who have snuck into our country and have evaded all of government and all of law enforcement. We don’t know who they are, where they are, or what their intentions are.”

The lawmaker explained that it is not anti-immigrant to want to know who is crossing U.S. borders. “It’s not anti-immigrant to say that we want secure borders.”