Texas Gov. Abbott Blasts NYC Mayor Adams For Ticketing Migrant Buses

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) called out New York City Mayor Eric Adams for engaging in a ploy to stop migrant buses from coming into the city by pulling the buses over, searching for infractions, and issuing tickets.

This weekend, the New York Police Department reportedly pulled over multiple buses after they had transported migrants from Texas to New York City. After stopping the buses near the Port Authority, the officers allegedly searched the buses for any infraction they could find.

In the end, the police handed out a few tickets for minor infractions, but the move is being seen as the next counter-attack from Adams against Abbott for shipping migrants from the Texas border to New York City, a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city.”

“This is another pathetic ploy by Mayor Adams to stop Texas from busing migrants to his self-declared sanctuary city,” stated a spokesperson for Abbott’s office. “Each bus used by the State of Texas for this busing mission undergoes thorough Texas Department of Public Safety Commercial Vehicle inspections before departing for sanctuary cities.”

The spokesperson went on to say that Adams should cease “selectively attacking Texas’ busing operation” and instead demand that the Biden administration “take immediate action to secure the border – something the President continues failing to do.”

Adams has vocally opposed Abbott’s migrant relocation program, and he recently declared a state of emergency in his city over the influx of immigrants bogging down homeless shelters.

Adams also requested funding from the state of New York and the federal government to pay for the estimated $1 billion the city will pay to house and offer humanitarian services to the migrants from Texas.

So far, Adams indicated that they have relied on up to 42 different hotels to provide shelter to migrants. The city even reached out to Norwegian Cruise Lines to negotiate more housing.

While Adams suggested his city is being caught in the crosshairs of a larger political debate between Democrats and Republicans over border policy, the mayor of El Paso, Texas, who is a Democrat, has also instituted a migrant relocation program.

To date, more migrants have been sent to New York City by the El Paso mayor than Gov. Abbott.