Texas Representative Seeks Federal Reimbursement For Border Security

Rep. Roger Williams (R-TX) has introduced a significant bill aiming to address the financial burdens borne by the state of Texas due to border security measures. The “Operation Lone Star Reimbursement Act” is designed to reimburse Texas nearly $4 billion in direct expenditures it incurred for border security work that should have been done by the federal government.

Under the leadership of Gov. Greg Abbott (R), Texas has been very active in taking every legal step available to secure its border with Mexico. The state has not only fortified its border with physical barriers but has been a bulwark against the trafficking of drugs and humans, directly confronting the massive Mexican drug cartels.

The legislation emerges amid escalating tensions between state and federal policies, particularly concerning immigration and border management. The bill relies on the fundamental constitutional principle that the federal government is primarily responsible for border security and immigration regulation. The key finding of fact in the text states: “The Federal Government is primarily responsible for securing the borders of the United States at and between ports of entry.”

Williams added, “As the border crisis rages on, President Biden has failed to uphold his duty to defend our borders from foreign invasion, leaving border states like Texas to fend for themselves.”

Texas spent more than $800 million on border security in 2020 and 2021. In the next two fiscal years, the cost shot up to more than $2.9 billion. Texas has calculated that it expects to incur at least another $4.6 billion on local border security in the near future.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision siding with the Biden administration, allowing the removal of Texas-installed border barriers, has further inflamed the discourse. This action, coupled with the Department of Homeland Security’s revelation of a surging backlog in immigration case processing and a spike in arrests related to terrorism and violence, has intensified calls for federal intervention and support.

“It’s past time Biden recognizes this crisis for what it is and stands with Texans to secure our nation,” Williams stated.