Texas Stands As A Guide Of Trust For America

America is very quickly seeing the contrast deepen between red states and blue states in this country. 

Red states believe businesses should be able to run and ultimately have the free market determine their fate. Blue states believe in slapping all kinds of regulations and heavy restrictions on businesses. It explains why businesses are fleeing blue states and relocating their headquarters to red states. 

As red states reject medical tyranny, blue states embrace it. While blue states slap their residents with ridiculous taxes, red states believe in folks keeping the money they earn. 

All of this and more explains why blue states like New York and California are losing residents in droves, while red states like Florida and Texas increase their numbers of residents daily. 

Now, Breitbart News is covering the extent to which Texas has positioned itself as a beacon of hope in the United States.

Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott has made no bones about standing up to the Biden administration. Like other Republican governors, Abbott is committed to protecting the rights of the American people and not letting the big government run amuck. 

Abbott doesn’t just talk the talk, though; he walks the walk. When the Biden administration made it clear they would do nothing to fix the border crisis, the Texas governor took proactive measures of his own. 

In addition to sending out the National Guard to the border, Abbott is also taking the necessary steps so Texas can build its border wall. Likewise, as President Biden threatens to fire Border Patrol workers for not taking the COVID vaccine, the Texas governor tells the Lone Star State that any border agent Biden fires will be re-hired.

Since the inception of COVID, Abbott has also stood up against draconian edicts and mandates that hurt Texas residents. At this very moment, a Texas executive order bars any entity in the Lone Star State from implementing COVID vaccine mandates or the use of vaccine passports. 

It also turns out that Texas is a great state to do business. Tech mogul Elon Musk recently moved Tesla to the Lone Star State after leaving California. In 2022, Abbott is up for re-election in Texas. His leadership as governor thus far will likely work in his favor in the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Texas has done an exceptional job at countering the poor choices and decisions of the political left. Standing up against mandates, ensuring the state remains business-friendly, etc., has ripple effects on the nation. 

Quite frankly, many states would benefit from taking a page out of Texas’ book. The decisions of the Lone Star State are more imperative than ever before, especially with the current administration on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.