Thank God For Donald Trump, But Our Fate And Freedom Must Not Rest With Judges

Because of President Donald J. Trump, the federal judiciary was refurbished during his administration. Trump filled a ton of openings with Constitutional originalists and ethical arbitrators of law. He did this with the assistance, advice, and consent of Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell.

Thank God for Trump. We should be glad that McConnell didn’t get in the way of his nominations. There must have been a tradeoff there, but we can assume that it was necessary.

However, we must not give the idea that the courts decide what words mean, what is true, or what is right. That was never the intention for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Black Robed tyranny is unacceptable.

This blade is doubled-edged and cuts both ways. Amy Coney Barrett has voted with liberal justices Kagan and Sotomayor 80% of the time. She was supposed to be a moral Catholic, supporting original intent like her mentor Antonin Scalia. Trust me, he is rolling over in his grave.

Sometimes, it feels like God will intervene in a game of chance. A ping-pong ball determined who would hear the case on Biden’s OSHA COVID-19 vaccine mandate rule. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has judges mainly designated by Republicans and will listen to the case. The case is from The Fifth Circuit, whose initial stay in a 22-page order about the BST Holdings LLC et al. v. OSHA ended the mandate in its tracks. Initially, Biden attempted to speak his dictate into existence without any force of law by inducing private businesses to enforce the mandate for him.

A random process, like a lottery, is utilized when cases come from federal government agencies’ actions recorded in multiple different courts.

Conservative states and organizations objected to the federal government attempting to coerce individuals into submitting to a vaccine requirement as part of their job.

However, the Sixth Circuit is just the next stop on this crazy. Republicans anticipate that the Biden mandate will be overturned, and the Sixth Circuit ruling will only bolster the final decision at the Supreme Court.

If the order is illegal and OSHA largely superseded its powers by establishing it, SCOTUS will need to be involved. However, this was never constitutional in the first place, and the fact that it has been contemplated, let alone promoted by Biden and his leftist media, is the real problem. We cannot depend on courts to fix this. We need leaders to stand up for our freedom.

OSHA has itself suspended the execution and implementation of the Biden mandate orders. OSHA has declared they have suspended Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine order after the fifth circuit said it was unlawful.

It implies that businesses and organizations should stop pushing employees to get the vaccine or risk being complicit in violating civil rights. Organizations should not become the enforcement arm of an out-of-control federal agency. The OSHA vaccine command is currently paused. OSHA itself has stopped publishing any requirements for vaccinations at private employers of any size. If the media were honest about reporting the news, this would be the lead headline on every outlet. Instead, they have sold out to Big Pharma and seek to manipulate the American people with lies and fear.