Thanks For The ‘Ukraine Saving Idea,’ Now Don’t Ever Tweet Again

Everyone has fired off a tweet or social media post that, upon reflection, was not the greatest of ideas. Sometimes alcohol is involved. Sometimes you run afoul of guidelines and do not know-how. And then sometimes, there is this:

I am not even going to go to the second part of the thread where people debate nationalism and how the Ukrainians want to stay in their own country (duh). I cannot seem to get past the idea of evacuating a country by air with a population of 44 million people. I wanted to point this out to Cathy Reisenwitz, but she has made her profile private in the first inkling of good sense. Alas, I am forever denied the pearls of wisdom that must be in there.

I will transition to a broader point now simply because I do not want to pile on too much as I am sure Ms. Reisenwitz is probably a nice person, even though she lacks fundamental skills in economics and logistics. The macro comment here is that Twitter is not designed to solve world problems.

One hundred eighty characters is a perfect amount of space to make jokes about political figures, opine about the good old days, or insist the moon landing was fake. It is not a significant number of characters to make multiple nuanced observations about anything, especially in times of war.

In ancient times (see what I did there), people only got to hear your opinion on things if you earned the right to speak on a subject by having some skill, talent, or expertise gained with some amount of effort. In the modern world, sacrifice is not required to authority on anything. Sometimes this is a good thing.

Other times, not so much. The Ukraine crisis will get sorted out one way or another. Sadly, it will not be fixed by a giant airlift. Twitter is less for it.