Thanksgiving Shows Up Bleak In the Midst Of The Biden Administration

This upcoming holiday season is looking grimmer and grimmer with the Biden administration in the White House and making policy decisions. Americans recently learned that the president may soon kill yet another U.S. pipeline. Doing this is guaranteed to make energy prices soar across the board. 

Higher prices are the last thing the country needs when inflation is a genuine problem. Naturally, the American public expects Biden to have solutions, but he only has lies and excuses. 

Just yesterday, the president stated that Americans lack the intellectual bandwidth to comprehend the supply chain. Now, as The Next News Network points out, Biden has an even worse message for the American public ahead of Thanksgiving.

In a recent Thanksgiving message sent out by the president, he proclaimed the country should be grateful that problems in America aren’t as serious as they were in 2020. It is a bold claim, especially since inflation, an open southern border, a bottlenecked supply chain, etc., weren’t issues when Trump was in office. 

The 46th president later declared that the American people should blame Russia and OPEC countries for not “pumping more oil” and lowering gas prices. Biden then lied and declared wages were increasing at a higher rate than inflation. It is demonstrably untrue, and anyone who views the latest economic data for the nation will know Biden lied. 

All in all, Biden’s Thanksgiving message to the American public involved lies, failures, and redirecting from his crises. Biden finally told the country to “trade” this year’s Thanksgiving for Thanksgiving in 2020. 

Biden’s message to the American public ahead of Thanksgiving is a reflection of his presidency. It’s also a reminder to the nation of what happens when someone can get into office without being qualified for the job. 

Despite Biden’s years and years of being in politics, he never got anything done. It is something President Trump and Republicans consistently warned about during the 2020 presidential election. 

Now, Biden’s in the White House, and what’s happening now is worse than him not getting anything done. Instead, the president is actively tearing down the nation, creating problems, and then dismissing the American people when he’s confronted about it.

If Biden did nothing at all whatsoever after getting into the White House in January, America would be in a much stronger position. The president should be ashamed of what he’s done to the country.