The Biden Administration Is Willing To Spit On US Allies To Get A Deal That Makes No Sense

A new JCPOA nuclear agreement with Iran is being negotiated and Vladimir Putin is at the top of the list of persons who may assist in securing it. People are probably wondering how it makes any sense but hang around because it gets even worse.

According to the reports, behind the scenes, it appears that a deal with Iran has taken precedence, despite Putin’s continued bombing of Ukrainian cities. According to Kenneth Vogel, the Biden administration is repairing ties with Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship under Maduro. What does this have to do with the Iran nuclear agreement? We’ll get to that later.

This measure is ostensibly being taken to help isolate Venezuela from Russia. Anyone with critical thinking ability and a basic understanding of international affairs, on the other hand, can immediately see how ridiculous that claim is. Russia and Venezuela have long been friends and Moscow has supplied Venezuela with supplies and materials as it has suffered from Western sanctions. The Times’ spin, no doubt intended to shield the White House, doesn’t match up. But something adds up and it has to do with the Iran deal.

Moreover, Biden’s pursuit of a sham Iran agreement amounts to boosting Russia while spitting on the allies. There is no strategic interest there, particularly given Israel’s resistance to the JCPOA, which has a clear strategic interest. Putin has legitimized one of Russia’s critical friends on the international stage, laying the groundwork for sanctions to be lifted as Russia’s sphere of influence expands.

Therefore the Biden administration is eager to go to any length to award the Iranian Mullahs another major victory. That should be a scandal, not merely a source of concern. But the questions that arise are, why have the previous two Democrat-led administrations been so focused on reaching an agreement with Iran? In this case, who benefits and who suffers? Are there any payoffs? Given its actions in Ukraine, why is Russia even included in the talks?

Trump bargained from a position of strength. Biden’s illegitimate administration is doing what the Left/Democrats have always done: “Negotiating” from a position of weakness, hoping that a lot of noise and fury would persuade people that they know what they’re doing and that it’s for their benefit. Well, the memories are too vivid to forget what Trump achieved to increase their global dominance and make them all safer. They’re not buying their nonsense. Not any longer.